Mobile payments, neat as they are, are pretty commonplace. It seems like just about everywhere lets you buy stuff with your phone, whether through a standalone platform like Google Pay, or a proprietary app like Starbucks and Target have. What's less commonplace, though, is the ability to withdraw cash from ATMs using your phone. Now, Chase customers can do exactly that.

You can use your phone to withdraw cash from any Chase ATM with NFC, which is evidently the majority of them. It works with Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay, but Chase makes it seem like you can only make withdrawals using either one of its consumer debit cards or Liquid Cards in your mobile wallet of choice. A bit of a bummer, considering you can withdraw cash using any physical debit card (not just Chase ones).

To withdraw using your phone, just fire up your wallet app, select a compatible Chase card, and tap the phone on the ATM's NFC icon. After that, it's business as usual: enter your PIN, get your money.

In theory, using your phone to make withdrawals is more secure than using a card, since it requires both your bank PIN as well as your phone's unlock code (which hopefully aren't the same). Just don't lose the cash.