Like many less prominent tech companies' stores, ASUS's US storefront is... lackluster. Its design looks straight out of 2005, it's not very well laid-out, and using it just isn't a great experience. Thankfully, ASUS recently created an eBay store, and we're hoping that it continues to work on and add more products to it.

ASUS's web store isn't the prettiest thing.

The great thing about eBay stores is that all of the web design work is done for you; all you have to do is insert your photos, description, and price into each listing and you're good to go. ASUS currently has 39 listings ranging in price from $5 to $1,900. It looks like the company is currently focusing its eBay store on monitors, laptops, and accessories, but we're sure that more products will be added in due time.

Better navigation and appearances aside, the other benefit of using eBay is the sheer amount of site-wide discounts being offered nowadays. eBay will happily take up to $100 off something like a monitor or a phone at no expense to the seller (in this case, ASUS), allowing customers to get a great discount without ASUS itself losing any money.

The only Android devices currently on ASUS's eBay store are its ZenPad tablets, but it would be nice to see the company's new ZenFone 5 line of phones on there. The ZenFone 5Z isn't a bad phone, and it'd be nice to be able to get a couple of bucks off its already-affordable $499 price once eBay deems another site-wide coupon appropriate.