Over the years, Google has continually improved how search results are shown with things like cards for important figures and businesses, highlights, sports data, and so on. The company is now seeking to upgrade the way it displays table data in search results, which should make it easier to find the information you're specifically looking for.

left: Old. right: New.

Google has been working with 30 of the top data journalists globally to figure out how to show people the data they're searching for. For this to happen, news organizations that publish tabled data should add structured data so that it's better shown in Google Search. The photo above shows the improvement; whereas you may have previously had to open the page and scan it for the data point you searched for, it'll now be directly shown in Search if properly integrated.

It looks like this feature is still rolling out, as I'm still getting the old result when I search for the query above. When it does roll out, though, it'll definitely make data easier to search for with those sites that support it.