Google Family Link, a way for parents to create supervised/limited accounts for their children, has been slowly rolling out to more regions over the past year. It's largely feature-complete at this point, but there's still one pressing issue - it doesn't work with Google Play Games at all. Child accounts are unable to log into Play Games, which prevents many titles from saving progress - and some from working at all.

We mentioned in our initial Family Link hands-on from over a year ago that Play Games was incompatible, and it appears this has not changed. One thread on the Google Play support forum is filled with complaints from parents:

"Family Link completely disallows the use of Google play games for the monitored account. This is pretty nuts since Google has pushed hard for developers to integrate play games into their software. Some games, like Clash Royale, will only allow you to backup (or transfer) your account with a google play games account. Google - why this restriction? Please fix!"

"Seriously.  Why is there NOT an answer on this?!! I even tested giving full access and this is still blocked. What is the point of doing this if the kid is going to lose everything upon upgrading the device?  So my kid can download a game that is within the permissions but god forbid they save their progress."

"This is a real problem for me too. My son's tablet broke and I'm trying to recover his old account which was under my I'd. Now I am trying to recover his clash of clan account with his family link account.  Class of clan support was helpful and can allow us to recovery but we need to sign into Google play which is impossible."

No representative from Google has commented on that particular thread since the initial reply in August 2017, so it seems the company is largely ignoring this issue. The primary reason why most kids use phones and tablets is to play games, so it doesn't make much sense that Play Games would still be incompatible. If you're frustrated by the lack of support, make sure to leave a comment in the source link below.

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