Google Calendar is a pretty good way to manage your time, but since it's a core app in G Suite, "pretty good" isn't good enough. One of the many things potential meeting attendees might expect to be able to do in a business calendar app is suggest a different time, due to a conflict perhaps, but that hasn't been possible in Google Calendar up to now.

Thankfully, Google is finally adding an option to meetings that will allow you to 'Propose a new time.' It's nestled behind the little expansion arrow that sits next to the "Yes, No, or Maybe" attendance selector, alongside the option to add a note. This should make scheduling meetings much easier and quicker. Previously, you'd be notified if everyone declined, but there was no way for guests to suggest a different time other than emailing the host. Another recent addition was the ability to write a message when updating a meeting.

With the right access permissions, a guest should now be able to see all invitees' schedules so that they can propose a suitable new meeting time with a message explaining their reasoning. Google says this will also work with Microsoft Exchange accounts. It's live now for G Suite users on the web and is coming to the mobile apps on August 13th.

We've checked the latest APK to see if it's there, just in case, and while Cody says that evidence for it existed up for some time, it's not yet activated. It may come as a server-side change next month, rather than an update to the app. There's no mention of whether this will also be available to non-G Suite customers, although it would seem likely since freelancers and other outsiders will also need to be invited to meetings with company employees.