T-Mobile has announced that it's partnered with Nokia to build its 5G mobile network. The carrier will pay Nokia $3.5 billion for "its complete end-to-end 5G technology, software and services portfolio." T-Mobile called the agreement a multiyear deal, but doesn't go into specifics, saying only that the two companies will work together "in the critical first years of the 5G cycle."

Nokia will help bring 5G to T-Mobile's 28 GHz millimeter wave and its 600 MHz spectrum. In its announcement, T-Mobile talked up industry applications of 5G speed in areas like transportation, healthcare, and retail settings, as well as benefits for individual customers such as "on-demand virtual reality" experiences.

The carrier announced in February that it plans to have 5G up and running in 30 cities by the end of the year, including New York and Los Angeles. It doesn't expect to have 5G-capable phones available until 2019, however.