When you get bombarded by notifications throughout the day, the most useful tool at your disposal is a "Mark as read" button. Because most notifications these days can be expanded, it's easy to read the entire content of a message sent through SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Gmail. But dismissing the notification doesn't mark the message as read: it will show as unread if you open the app or, worse yet, will resurface if you get other notifications from the same app. That's why a quick way to mark messages as read is not just welcome, but also crucial. And Telegram has finally seen the light.

The latest Telegram v4.9, which introduced the new Passport functionality, also packed a neat little addition: a "Mark as read" action button for notifications. So when you receive a notification and read it but don't need to act on it, you can simply mark it as read without opening the app. It's fast, it's simple, it's easy, and we wish more apps would include it. So far, Android Messages has the feature and I love it there, but WhatsApp and Gmail (of all apps) don't.

If online comments are any measure of user discontent, then the Gmail team should know by now how much we all want that functionality. Every time we write about Gmail, one of the top comments mentions this feature, many users upvote that, and others reply that third-party email clients already have the option. There's a workaround for Gmail, but nothing is as good as a built-in function, and we're tired of waiting for it to land.

It's a basic feature, Gmail and WhatsApp teams, get on it. And Telegram/Android Messages teams, good job.