LG has a treat for its most devoted Korean fans: a special edition V35 ThinQ that costs a totally reasonable $1,800 (or 1,999,800 won). That premium gets buyers a ceramic back, a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones, and exclusivity — there will only be 300 of the device made.

Nowhere does LG refer to the new phone as a V35 — the company just calls it an LG Signature Edition device — but it walks and quacks like one; it has the same design, the same 16-megapixel cameras, the same Snapdragon 845, et cetera. There is one key difference: its back panel is made of zirconium oxide ceramic, which is highly scratch-resistant; LG says it's a popular material in luxury watches.

The included headphones, Bang & Ofulson's Beoplay H9i, are certainly a nice bonus. They're B&O's "most luxurious headphones," which is saying something. They're normally $500 on their own.

If this all sounds familiar, it's probably because LG pulled the same stunt last year with an equally justifiable V30 bundle for about the same price. And like last time, you can only get the "deal" in South Korea. So if you're keen to drop a couple thousand on this, book your flight now. There aren't many to go around.

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