Logitech seems to be having some trouble moving units of its Ultimate Ears BLAST Bluetooth speaker. At its launch price of $229.99, it was priced very high, and Logitech probably sold about three of them. The company has now taken a complete 180 and is offering the BLAST for a stunningly low $64.95 on Amazon just days after Best Buy began offering it for $89.99.

We're almost in shock at how steeply the BLAST's price has fallen. Keep in mind that this speaker has only been on the market for four months. In spite of what this price drop may make you think, the BLAST is not a bad speaker at all. Sure, it was overpriced at launch and missing some software features, but the price had already dropped quite a bit and those features were added about six weeks after launch.

As a recap, we liked the BLAST's unique design, its sound quality, the impressive volume it could reach, its IP67 certification, as well as the ease of charging (if you purchase the additional $40 POWER UP dock). Amazon Alexa is also present, if that's something you care about.

For $64.95, we'd be very surprised if you could get anything better. Only the Graphite color is available at this price. If you've been looking for a Bluetooth speaker, this should be a no-brainer. Did I mention how absurdly low this price is?

Not unsurprisingly, the $64.95 price is gone, as the seller that was offering that price (Amazon) has sold out. Sad trombone.