It's pretty rare for a company to accidentally leak information about its own products, but it does happen. Samsung's done it before; in fact, it did so earlier today. T-Mobile also has a reputation of spilling the beans on itself, and that's how we now know that the Moto E5 Play and Moto E5 Plus are coming to the magenta-themed carrier on July 27th.

Moto E5 Play.

This information comes courtesy of T-Mobile's support pages for both the Moto E5 Play and E5 Plus. The software version is given as Android 8.0 Oreo, the release date as July 27, 2018, and the build number as OCP27.91-51.

Moto E5 Plus.

So if you're on T-Mobile and you've been looking to purchase a budget phone, you may want to hold out for a few more days.

As expected, T-Mobile now sells the Moto E5 Play and E5 Plus. The E5 Play retails for $150, or $6/month for 24 months with $6 down, and the E5 Plus goes for $225, or $9/month for 24 months with $9 down.

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