Smart home devices tend to get more functional the more you have around. Take the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for example. When paired with an Echo Spot, the latter can show you who's at the door with a voice command — and Best Buy has a way to ease the financial burden of realizing that futuristic dream. My Best Buy rewards members can save $150 with purchase of both the Doorbell and the Spot.

At $200, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a sizable investment (even more so at $250 for non-My Best Buy members), but if you're on Team Alexa, saving $100 on an Echo Spot isn't a bad bonus. With both devices set up, you can say "Alexa, show my front door" to see a live stream of your doorbell's video feed right there on the Spot.

This isn't the cheapest we've seen the Video Doorbell Pro (a couple of weeks ago, it was going for $180), but if you want both the doorbell and the Spot, it's a hard deal to beat. It seems like Best Buy only has the Doorbell Pro in one color — satin nickel — but you can get the Echo Spot in either black or white. There's no mention of how long the deal is good for, so if this seems up your alley, hop to it.