Hello Neighbor is a creepy stealth adventure puzzle game that just landed on Android. It's been available on PC and consoles since the end of last year, so it may look a little familiar. You get to play the part of a nosey child who is going to spend a lot of time trying to sneak into their mysterious neighbor's house. The cool bit is a smart AI controls this neighbor, which means you will never know exactly how he will behave.

The basic story is this. You recently moved into a new neighborhood, and you are now living across the street from a mysterious neighbor who is behaving in a paranoid manner. As you play on your new street you hear a scream coming from the creepy neighbor's house. So, of course, you take it upon yourself to investigate further, and that's where the trouble begins.

You'll have to figure out how to get into this house and then into its basement without alerting the scary resident constantly chasing you away. What's cool is the AI that controls your neighbor continually adjusts to your actions. You never know exactly how it will behave, which means you are going to have to stay one step ahead the entire time, which is more difficult than you may at first think. Luckily there is an option in the settings to make him more friendly if you find you are having too much trouble with the default difficulty setting.

As far as monetization is concerned, you can grab this title for free, though the gameplay will be limited to the first chapter (of a total of 3) and mainly serves the purpose of a demo. If you decide that you like what you see, then you can purchase the entire thing for $14.99. Now, this may at first sound like a lot of money, but if you check out the Steam listing, you will see that the regular price is $29.99. Heck, the Switch version that also landed today is even more expensive at $39.99. So when you consider those prices, $14.99 doesn't seem all that bad.

From the short bit that I have played, I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with Hello Neighbor's performance and graphics. Some Play Store reviews have mentioned that the AI isn't as good as it is on PC or consoles, but since it is probably CPU dependent, it makes sense that a mobile device can't match a more powerful system. Even though our version may be slightly downgraded, it's still one of the better stealth horror games on Android. $14.99 may be a lot for most mobile experiences, but in this instance, the price is definitely justified.

Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor
Developer: tinyBuild
Price: Free+