Probably the biggest market for smart home hardware is home security, and ADT's Pulse app brings the company's security products into the future with remote management from the convenience of a phone. Back in May, Home/Assistant support was said to be in the pipeline, and so far as we can tell, it's actually, finally here starting today.

ADT Pulse SmartHome in the list of devices/services of the Home app.

The services page for ADT Pulse SmartHome is now live, giving you the ability to ask the assistant to dim the lights, set the thermostat, or arm security from the convenience of your phone or Assistant-powered speaker. Feel free to give the documentation a browse if you'd like some ideas for how to use this new functionality for your own ADT setup.

Considering the company initially revealed Assistant support all the way back at CES, it's been a long 7-month wait to see it land.

ADT Pulse ®
ADT Pulse ®
Developer: ADT LLC
Price: Free
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