Ever wanted to watch Facebook videos in sync with friends over the internet? Well, apparently somebody has. To that end, Facebook is opening a feature called Watch Party to all Facebook Groups. Watch Party lets users of the social media platform synchronize their viewing of video content with others and chat about it in real time.

The feature has been testing in a limited number of Groups, but is now available for all of them. One user can invite others in a shared Facebook Group to watch synchronized videos with them, managing a queue of what will play next. The videos play alongside a chat that everybody watching can contribute to.

Along with the wider rollout comes Watch Party co-hosting, which lets the host of a Party designate other users who can control the stream, and crowdsourcing, which allows any user in the Party to suggest a video to add to the queue. Facebook is testing the ability to form a Watch Party with friends who aren't in the same group, which will surely encourage use of the feature.