The concept of a gaming phone isn't new, but with devices like the Razer Phone and Honor's "GPU Turbo"-equipped Play and 9i, it's becoming increasingly popular. However, the award for most extreme gaming phone probably has to go to the ASUS ROG Phone, which has the specs to back up its crazy looks. MKBHD got his hands on an early unit, and there's a lot to talk about.

If you thought the Razer Phone was insane, think again. Like many gaming laptops, the ROG Phone takes on this asymmetrical, futuristic industrial look. That includes a light-up ROG logo (it's RGB, of course), a heat sink on one side, and a strangely wide fingerprint sensor on the back. The finish is this shimmery silver with a rainbow effect in the right light that looks interesting to say the least.

It's not all appearances, though. The ROG Phone has a 90Hz 1080p OLED display that, while not a great panel overall, has a high refresh rate that is great for gaming. It comes with an "X Mode" for gaming that, when activated, puts the Snapdragon 845 into overclock mode, frees RAM from background apps, mutes your notifications, and most importantly, lights the RGB logo up. There are also "Air Triggers" that can be mapped to different functions so that you can press the sides of the phone while gaming instead of blocking the screen with your fat fingers. There's a fan attachment included in the box that'll keep your phone cool while gaming, and a whole ecosystem of accessories is planned.

You can watch MKBHD's full video to learn more about this phone. Even if you don't plan on picking it up, it's worth a look - the phone is just that jaw-dropping.