Samsung has updated its AR Emoji creator tool with better facial tracking and a bunch of new customization options "that will make it even easier for your AR Emoji to capture your individuality." The update lets you fine-tune a number of features on your creepy little avatar, from the shape of its soulless eyes to the width of its unsettling grin.

The process still starts with a photo, but now just about every aspect of the resulting gross character can be tweaked. The eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, hair, and other features all have multiple characteristics that can be adjusted with sliders, which is sure to delight users who spend hours on the character creation screen in video games.

Facial tracking has been improved as well, with 65 percent more "landmark detector" points. The update also boosts the frame rate, for what Samsung calls "smoother and more natural" animation — although I don't think the frame rate is necessarily what made these things seem unnatural.