We've watched with moderate interest as the rumors swirl around Samsung's upcoming smartwatch release. Will it run Wear OS? Will it run Tizen? We still don't know, but we can now be fairly sure what the Galaxy Watch looks like. Samsung appears to have added a listing for the device on its website ahead of the announcement.

The big questions remain unanswered, so don't get too excited (if, indeed, you can get excited about smartwatches). The device looks similar to the Gear Sport with a 42mm case. The image shown on Samsung's site under "related products" for the Gear S2 depicts the new watch in rose gold. It has model number SM-R810NZDAXAR and Bluetooth connectivity, but that doesn't preclude other versions from shipping with LTE. The product page doesn't load, so we don't have any additional specs.

Calling it the "Galaxy Watch" could indicate a Wear OS device. Samsung's Tizen watches are all branded simply as "Gear," whereas the old Android-powered watches were "Galaxy Gear." Alternatively, Samsung could just be shaking up its wearable branding for Tizen devices. Whatever the situation, Samsung isn't talking. It has removed the listing for the Galaxy Watch from its site as well.