Google announced last month that it would be restructuring a number of its marketing and analytics tools into fewer brands with names that more clearly reflect what the products actually do. Part of the new slate of offerings is going live tomorrow in Google Marketing Platform, a combination of Google's existing DoubleClick and Analytics 360 suites.

The new Google Marketing Platform comprises a number of different tools that are used for — hey, you guessed it — marketing (and the name makes a whole lot more sense than "DoubleClick"). These include Search Ads 360, for managing the ads you see in Google searches, and Analytics 360, which monitors and provides insights about traffic to your site. Functionally, not much is changing; this is more or less a branding refresh.

Other changes are still coming. At the time Google announced the new Google Marketing Platform branding, it also announced that its AdWords suite will be renamed simply Google Ads, and certain DoubleClick functionality will be spun out into a new product called Google Ad Manager.