Samsung and Apple burning each other in commercials is a long-standing tradition at this point. Samsung's recent ads have been lackluster, like the recent 'Moving On' commercial that pitted the Galaxy S9 against... a four year-old iPhone. The company is now back with a new 'Ingenious' ad campaign, this time targeting the iPhone X.

There are four ads so far. There's 'Fast Charger,' which points out that the iPhone X doesn't ship with a quick charger (you have to buy a USB Type-C to Lightning cable, as well as a Type-C wall adapter). The 'Dongle' ad is exactly what you would expect, but with a great punch line at the end.

The other two are... not so great. Samsung brags about the Galaxy S9's DxOMark score in 'Camera,' for whatever that's worth. Finally, there's 'Speed,' which points out the Galaxy S9's faster cellular download speeds. That's heavily dependent on where you live and what carrier you use, but at least you'll be able to stream 480p video quicker than ever before!