Google announced the deprecation of Chrome Supervised Users at the start of 2018. The tool let a Chrome user to allow, block, or manage access to sites for supervised users designated under their account. Now we know that v70 of the browser, slated for an October 2018 release, will mark the official end for the feature.

A Chromium Gerrit commit says: "Show an infobar to supervised users announcing EOL in M70." That's a fairly clear indication that Chrome v70 will bring the end of the feature. The Chromium development calendar shows that v70 stable is scheduled for an October release, almost exactly five years after Supervised Users was first announced.

The pertinent line highlighted above reveals the end-of-life for Supervised Users (October 2018)

Back when Google announced the deprecation of the feature, within a week users lost the ability to create or import supervised users and change settings for existing supervised users via the management dashboard. Google pointed to Family Link as an alternative for parents looking to supervise their children's web browsing experience. The problem was that Family Link was available in only four countries at the time. Today, Family Link is available in a total of 37 countries as well as on Chromebooks, which makes the end of Supervised Users less of a bitter pill to swallow.

To learn more about how to supervise your child's use of Chrome, go to the Family Link FAQ page and the Google for Families Help page.

Google Family Link for parents
Google Family Link for parents