Essential and Amazon busted out one of the biggest deals this year when they dropped the PH-1 to an all-time low price of $250 for Prime Day. But, it turns out that's not the end of the Essential deals. Right now you can pick up the Essential 360 Camera accessory for a mere $19.

As 360-degree cameras go, this one isn't bad. Of course, none of the lower-end consumer models can approach the image quality of a decent primary phone camera, but the Pixel 2 doesn't capture 360-degree photos or video, does it? This does require that you actually own an Essential phone since it works via the 60GHz Wireless USB feature baked into the device. It's not a standalone camera, it's an accessory.

For more details, you can check out the Essential 360 Camera section in our review for the phone, but keep in mind that the performance and quality of the camera have increased quite a bit since then. It's able to record 4K 360-degree video together with 3D audio in a 4-microphone configuration. Each of the two cameras is 12MP f/1.8, with 210-degree FoV, and resulting 360-degree videos can be broadcast to Facebook and YouTube, too.

Stephen actually spotted this potential discount earlier today, so we aren't too surprised to see it—though we honestly questioned the possibility given the ridiculous price. At $19, these might sell out pretty quickly, so I'd act fast.

There are reports that Essential is also issuing partial refunds for orders placed before the sale related to the recently discounted merchandise. If you ordered any of the sale items recently, but before this new set of discounts, you may have already received a refund, so check your email. If you haven't and you think you should be eligible, give support a ping. At a minimum, your credit card may have some level of purchase protection as well.