Most of us get pretty excited when we see a new update announced for our phones. But for Samsung Galaxy flagship owners on T-Mobile, that excitement is often short-lived. John Legere and co. are beginning to build a track record for prematurely announcing updates that aren't available, primarily for Galaxy phones.

The issue first began to present itself in late April, when T-Mobile had already halted the Note8's 8.0 Oreo update for around three weeks. That update was supposed to have rolled out on April 1st, but it took until May 15th - six weeks later - for customers to begin receiving it. At the same time, a Galaxy S9/S9+ update was suspended; it had rolled out on April 13th, but was paused on April 14th due to bootlooping issues. It doesn't look like Samsung ever fixed the update or sent another out; instead, it waited another two months to roll out a completely different one.

This time around, another Galaxy S9/S9+ update has been delayed, with a T-Mobile rep responding to a customer's complaint with the following:


Thanks for reaching out. You are right, normally we like to be prompt, but there was a small delay. It's not been significantly delayed like the last go-around. I anticipate you'll start to hear rumblings in the very near future.

Of course, T-Mobile isn't the only offender of this. Verizon has gotten owners' hopes up with the S7 and S7 edge's Oreo update, though for different reasons, and Sprint pulled an S9/S9+ update within the past few months as well. However, this is becoming an increasingly prominent trend with T-Mobile, and it's starting to get on its customers' nerves.

According to some details posted to one of the relevant threads by a T-Mobile representative, the update began rolling out again on July 17th. Whatever may have caused the initial delay, it's now been rectified. Furthermore, T-Mobile expects to have full deployment over a period of days, so you should all be seeing it shortly (if you haven't already).

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