The Play Store seems to be testing a new layout for search results. We've received a tip that the normal app list has been replaced by a card-like interface for some, with app listings now including screenshot thumbnails. The change brings Play Store search results more in line with the visual style of the mobile web search results layout, which also shows results on cards.

The new layout gives more information at a glance per app, but at the cost of vertical space. Assuming the result you're looking for is near the top of the list, the change could make it easier to spot. If you're looking for something more obscure, though, it could be a bit of a hindrance in that you'll have to scroll more to find it.


Left: Current layout (tangentially, I'm troubled that it suggests searching for pregnancy test apps). Right: New card-style results.

The card results also lack the three-dot menu of the current style, but all that does is give you the option to download the app, which doesn't save any time anyway. Google does tests like this all the time (like this slick transition effect from 2016 that never took off), so that some users are seeing this change doesn't necessarily mean it's coming to everyone.

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