Google's AI Experiments are fun ways for the company to show off its advances in machine learning while also collecting additional data to further its research. It's got a new one out today: Move Mirror watches you move through your computer's webcam (with permission, that is) and uses AI trickery to match your pose against a database of tens of thousands of photos.

The Experiment uses a machine learning model called Posenet, which recognizes the overall position of a human subject by analyzing and adding up where different parts and joints are in a photo or video. Your position is analyzed in real time and compared to a set of 80,000 photos. Move Mirror shows the closest match to each of your positions, stringing them together in a slideshow.

The result is a sort of janky video of different people acting out your movements. You can even make a GIF out of it. Head over to the Move Mirror experiment page to try it out for yourself.