More and more Android apps have been switching to bottom nav bars lately. They might not look as nice, but nav bars on the top are just too hard to reach. Google Voice, which returned from the dead last year, is the latest app to join this club, and we've got the APK.


left: Old. right: New.

Aside from the movement of the bar itself, each icon has also received a label. Personally, I generally think that these are useful, but with icons as straightforward as these, these do seem a bit unnecessary. Nonetheless, it's nice that we'll no longer have to streeeeetch to reach the nav bar. It's worth noting that you can still swipe from tab to tab, which some apps have disabled after relocating the nav bar.

This comes as part of Google Voice v2018.28 (its version number format recently changed). The update is rolling out on the Play Store, but we've got the APK on APK Mirror if you need it.

Google Voice
Google Voice
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free