Samsung is reportedly inching closer to unveiling a competitor to Google Home and Amazon Echo — starring nobody's favorite voice assistant. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that the company is preparing to reveal its own Bixby-powered smart speaker sometime in the next several weeks.

We first heard rumors of such a device late last year. The latest report comes alongside further rumors in the never-ending saga of Samsung's foldable smartphone. The speaker, internally called Lux, apparently has a bowled shape, with legs on the bottom and lights on top. It'll be positioned as a high-quality music player, sporting some slick tricks like directing audio toward the position its last audio command was issued from. The device is to retail for about $300, which would put it in competition with speakers like Google Home Max and Apple's HomePod.

The speaker will launch around the same time as the Galaxy Note9, which is set to be unveiled on August 9.