Yesterday was Prime Day, and there were a ton of deals on basically any tech product that you could think of (including microSD cards). But if you were looking for something with quicker transfer speeds, Samsung's line of EVO Select cards is being discounted right now, with the star of the show being a 256GB unit for $89.99.

These EVO Select cards are U3-rated, meaning that they have a minimum sequential writing speed of 30MB/s. That's a lot higher than the standard U1 speed of 10MB/s, so if you do a lot of data transfer, this is definitely a better buy than inferior cards. It's rated for maximum speeds of 100MB/s for reading and 90MB/s for writing. This is a solid card.

The 256GB model is definitely the highlight here, as it's dropped to an all-time low of $89.99. However, other sizes are discounted as well; the 128GB is $36.99 (another all-time low), and the 64GB is $19.99. We're not sure how long these prices will last, so don't wait up.