Retail behemoth Walmart is thinking about launching a low-cost streaming service in the same vein as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, sources tell The Information. While the venture would be expensive, it could potentially aid Walmart in its ongoing battle against Amazon, which has taken a bite out of the profits of many brick-and-mortar retailers.

The retailer apparently sees the opportunity to undercut the pricing of existing streaming services, as well as reach segments of the population not already utilizing streaming video, particularly in middle-America. Walmart is of the belief that those on the US coasts are more likely to subscribe to Netflix et al., and that the center of the country is ripe with potential customers. The service could even include an ad-supported free tier.

Walmart already owns a video streaming service in Vudu, which has apps on just about every platform, but it only allows you to purchase and rent movies and TV programs; there's currently no subscription option.