Not everyone has one, but for many of us, external battery packs are one of the only things that can keep us going on long trips. The perils of the modern life unfortunately include battery life limitations. It's nice to get a good deal on a battery, when you can, since they can be pretty expensive. That's why we're pointing out ChargeTech's 27,000mAh 85W battery. It doesn't have USB-C, but it does have two USB-A ports, and a sizable 85W output over the included 110V AC outlet. Best of all, it has a chunky coupon for $46 off, bringing the price down to a palatable ~$139.

Not everyone needs a big battery with an AC outlet, but it does come in handy when you're flying on an older plane, or if you just like taking your laptop to the park to do work—which is one of my favorite ways to spend the day, personally. The lack of USB-C is a bit meh, but for the $138 price, it's forgivable, especially if it isn't essential to you or you have an older, non-C powered laptop.

We haven't tested this particular model, so we can't attest to its quality as we can in the case of the Mophie Powerstation AC—which is also on Amazon, but it's more expensive at $200, and with a more limited capacity. If you go for it, remember to use the coupon code AMUZISNW at checkout for an extra ~$46 off, bringing the price down to $138.