Smart Text Selection was introduced in Android 8.0 Oreo, and has two components. First, when you tap on a word, it selects the entire phrase (e.g. tapping 'Disney' expands to 'Disney World'). Second, it suggests an action or two based on what is selected (e.g. a link to Google Maps appears when selecting an address).

Chrome OS has been adopting plenty of Android features lately, and it looks like Smart Text Selection is next. A new flag has been spotted in the Chrome OS Canary Channel, with the title 'Smart Text Selection' (#smart-text-selection). The description reads, 'Shows quick actions for text selections in the context menu. – Chrome OS.'

The flag doesn't appear to do anything at the moment, but at least we know for sure that the feature is coming to Chromebooks. Now can we get virtual desktops, Google?