The Vivo Nex S is no doubt one of the most interesting phones of 2018. Its massive 6.6" OLED screen may only be 1080p, but it's hiding an in-display fingerprint sensor and a fancy pop-up camera underneath that. JerryRigEverything already checked out the Nex S's durability in a previous video, but this time around, he does a clear back conversion and exposes the pop-up camera mechanism.

The Nex S comes with an eye-catching color-shifting back from the factory. While that's nice, Zack opted to convert it to a clear back to reveal the inner workings of the phone, primarily the pop-up camera mechanism. After cutting through the adhesive and scraping the thin, easily peelable layer of laminate off, the back becomes completely transparent. However, that's not all that needs to be done; there's a metal plate covering the pop-up mechanism, which Zack cuts a piece off of to reveal.

After the now-clear back is stuck back on with double-sided tape, the final result is revealed. It's definitely pretty cool-looking, and the camera continues to function properly. If there was ever a phone to do the clear back conversion on, this is probably it.