Phones with expandable storage seem fewer these days, unless you venture into mid-range or budget phones. But even though none of the devices I switch between would benefit from this deal, it still caught my eye. Amazon is selling SanDisk's 400GB microSDXC card for a mere $140. Yes, you read both of those numbers right.

As a brand new Nintendo Switch owner, I'm very interested. But even though it's the star of this little show, the rest of SanDisk's Ultra cards are also on sale. In descending order, you have the 256GB for $73.56, 200GB for $45.60, 128GB for $26.36, 64GB for $13.99, 32GB for $11.75, and 16GB for $8.15. Talk about some killer sales right there.

Though the 400GB would be great for those of you with phones/tablets with expandable storage and all of us Switch owners, it feels like insane overkill. Still, if you want to go for it and slap it in your device, $140 is hard to beat. The source link below is the flagship 400GB, but the other sizes are easily accessible from there.