Project Fi only recently let non-Google phones join the party. Today, Fi has announced that two of those phones now come with a pretty enticing incentive. Purchasing either the LG G7 ThinQ or the V35 ThinQ from the carrier will net you $300 in service credit. Depending on how much data you use each month, that could go a long way.

On Twitter, Fi billed the promo as credit with purchase and activation of "any LG phone," but only the two are available. The G7 is $749, while the V35 is a whopping $899. The $300 account credit could help take the edge off those prices, though, especially if your purchase is financed through Project Fi.

The promo runs through July 29 (the official terms say June 29, but that's obviously a typo). To get the deal, you have to activate your LG device of choice within 30 days of its being shipped, and keep the line of service active for 30 consecutive days. The account credit will show up 45 to 60 days from the time you activate the phone.