Back in the far-off summer of 2016, Pokémon Go descended upon the world in a flurry of unstoppable nostalgia. It's not unreasonable to say that many if not most of us spent a good chunk of that season chasing down augmented reality models of our collective childhood. But not much later, analytics for the game suggested participation might be in decline. Now, two years on, Pokémon Go fest 2018 is in full swing in Chicago, and the summer weather across the US is perfect for the outdoor game. We're curious, how many of you are still playing?

"Still" isn't meant to be a slight in this context. Pokémon Go remains a popular game, and I know a ton of people that play quite regularly. A few of my friends are even in Chicago for this year's event. But general involvement in the game does seem to be in decline since it was at its peak. In light of the ongoing festival in Chicago, I'm interested to see how current numbers might compare to our previous poll back in 2016.

Personally, I haven't played more than a few hours this year, but that's due to a lack of time more than anything else. Updates to the title seem to be frequent, though, introducing much-requested changes like trading and later generations of 'mon to catch.

Like it or hate it, adult or child, I'm curious to see know how popular the game remains for our readers. At one point in time, almost half of you were actively playing. What about now, two years later?

Are you (still) playing Pokémon Go?

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