Automation services like IFTTT are great, but are only useful so far as they support the devices and platforms you're interested in. With hundreds of such options already lined up, IFTTT has a pretty darn solid library of compatibility, but just because it's already so big doesn't mean there's not room to grow. We've been keeping an eye out for all the new additions to the IFTTT support list, and we've got quite a few to share since we checked in with you last.

The latest services to add support for IFTTT are:

  • Automate Shades — Close your shades, open your shades; you get the drift.
  • Connector — More remote shade and blind action for Dooya hardware.
  • Fullarm — Find some peace of mind with remote alarm-system control.
  • Hive View — Configure monitoring and motion sensing options for your Hive View camera.
  • ING Australia — Live in Australia and bank with ING? Now you can perform actions based on account alerts.
  • iotty Smart Home — Interact with and control the whole array of iotty smart-home devices.
  • M2M Services — Integrate your existing home alarm system into your new smart-home project.
  • MobiLinc — Tap into the power of your ISY home automation controller.
  • Monzo — Monitor and budget with your Monzo bank account.
  • MicroBot Push and Sense — The latest additions from MicroBot let you remotely push buttons around your house and measure air quality — at least, once the hardware's available.
  • Planex — Work with and monitor your SMACAME IP cameras.
  • SSG Smart — Control your SGS smart alarm, lights, switches, and all the company's smart-home hardware.
  • Tailwind — Handle all things garage-door related with ease.
  • VeSync — Manage your connected devices remotely to save energy.

All these IFTTT services are available now — just click on the links for each to get started.