Do you do your shopping through Google Express? A few years back we saw the service spread across the U.S., and ever since Google's been trying its best to convince users to give Express a shot, luring them with support for big-name stores, as well as offering savings through some tempting deals. Over the past few weeks, though, Google's recruitment drive for new Express stores has seriously gone into overdrive, with over two dozen new retailers signing up for the program.

The last time we checked in with the latest group of stores to join Google Express we only saw four new businesses coming on board. In the month since, they've been joined by thirty-some additional retailers.

While none of these are super-big names like Target or Walmart, we still have a few pretty prominent additions to Google's list, like You may not be able to place orders with every single company listed below, as Google Express includes both regional stores and nationwide chains, but at least this gives you a good overview of the new options available. And because of how Google lists these stores, it's possible that a couple are slightly older additions than the rest, but the vast majority are new to Google Express within the past month.

As you take a look at what some of these stores offer, don't forget about the big 25%-off deal going on right now, and running through Tuesday. There's also a new low order threshold for free shipping from most retailers. And finally, if you've yet to try Google Express at all, use our referral link for $10 off your first order.