When Google launched the Pixel 2, there was quite a bit of talk about a little lens maker named Moment. Get it, 'little lens' maker... I'll show myself out. The company made a name for itself with the iPhone crowd, but over the last couple of years the product line has expanded to include some of our favorite Android phones, like the Galaxy S8 and S9, Note 8, and both Pixel generations (and sizes). Now Moment is stepping into the Play Store with its own camera app.


The Moment camera app is designed to put all of the important camera controls within easy reach without cluttering the UI with too much stuff. DSLR-like controls can be found in a little bar that sits between the viewfinder and the shutter button. In here you can change Shutter Speed, ISO, EV (exposure value), Manual/Auto Focus, and White Balance.

Additional camera features are located across the top of the screen. There are buttons to switch the grid overlay, flash mode, delay timer, and a RAW/JPEG toggle. There's also a button on the far end for selecting a Moment lens. It won't change the output of your photos, but it will add the lens selection to your metadata.


The only other significant options in the app can be found in the Settings screen, and there are only two toggles: Histogram and location metadata.

Moment's camera app doesn't have as many features as big-name camera apps like Filmic Pro or Camera FV-5, but the simple UI will take very little time to learn.

It should be noted that the Android version is a bit behind the iPhone version in a couple of ways. Currently, there's no way to switch cameras on dual-lens phones like the Galaxy S9+, and more importantly, there's no video mode yet. Whether or not these things matter will depend on your needs.

If you're interested in shooting your next photos with the Moment camera app, it can be found on the Play Store for $1.99, or for the iPhone shooters out there, a free version is on the App Store with a $2.99 upgrade for the pro controls.

Moment Pro Camera
Moment Pro Camera
Developer: Moment, Inc.
Price: $3.99