We've been hearing quite a bit about Samsung's Gear S3 replacement, which has yet to be announced. Most recently, we'd heard that the watch, dubbed 'Galaxy Watch,' would come with Wear OS and a blood pressure monitor. That 'Galaxy Watch' moniker has now been confirmed by an official Samsung filing, and SamMobile is reporting that Bixby will be on board.

The name confirmation comes courtesy of the Korean Intellectual Property Office, which Samsung used to register the Galaxy Watch logo with. Aside from the confirmation, there's not much to see here. The 'Galaxy' part of the name does lead us to believe it'll run Android, and Wear OS is a fair assumption given that it's a watch, but we'll just have to wait and see.

SamMobile is claiming that Bixby will be on the Galaxy Watch, replacing the now (and always) dated S Voice. It won't get its own physical button, but it'll likely use the watch's home button and a "Hi, Bixby" launch phrase to be activated. This will allegedly be Bixby 2.0, which is slated to debut with the Galaxy Note9.