YouTube is constantly experimenting with ways to demonetize creators present news in a more organized and informative fashion. Last year, it started showing a 'Breaking News' section on the home page during important events. Now the company is expanding on that feature, with changes to search and video playback to improve transparency and accessibility.

First, when you search for videos about a breaking event, YouTube will sometimes show links to text articles about the topic. Since text articles are always more up to date than video content, YouTube thinks this will help users find the most recent information. Searching for a topic will also display a row of recent news videos at the top.

In addition, YouTube will begin highlighting videos from local news organizations on the YouTube app for TVs. The feature is currently being tested in select markets, like Cincinnati, Las Vegas, and Kansas City. The company says local news "has seen strong engagement."

Earlier this year, YouTube started adding Wikipedia links to videos about conspiracies. Starting today, larger info cards (using information from Wikipedia, Encyclopædia Britannica, and others) will appear on videos and searches about topics subject to conspiracy theories - Google names the Apollo moon landings as one example.

Finally, YouTube has committed $25 million to fund news organizations in "approximately 20 global markets" and help them grow their YouTube audiences. You can find more information at the source link below.

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