A little under a month ago, Samsung launched a renewed version of its classic device customization app Good Lock. We took a much closer look, and we liked what we saw - Good Lock is easily the most powerful and capable tool for tweaking and tuning your Samsung smartphone this side of a custom ROM. And it seems Samsung is taking development of the app pretty seriously, because today it released a massive update that fixes and improves upon the application in dozens of ways. The changelog in the long scrolling screenshot below (courtesy of Sammobile) is absolutely gigantic.

LockStar, QuickStar, Task Changer, Routines, and ClockFace have all seen changes and improvements, and Samsung has described them in intricate detail. This is how a changelog should be, because honestly, if you're taking the time to read it, it should probably say something more descriptive than "bug fixes and performance improvements" (ahem, Google).

So, what's noteworthy here? Clock Face has new screen burn-in mitigations, routines appear to have new condition release functions and actions (I'm not 100% sure what that's about), Task Changer has some usability improvements, QuickStar is getting some new toggles, and LockStar is getting tweaks and fixes all over the place.

In short, it seems Samsung wants Good Lock to be a good app - and given some of the changes, is taking user feedback fairly seriously. You can grab Good Lock on the Galaxy Apps store (Samsung phones only, for obvious reasons).