The Google Store just had a nearly site-wide sale last month, but Google has decided it's already time for another one. The deals are a bit different this time around, though, with highlights including the Home Mini for just $34 ($15 off), the Clips camera for $169 ($80 off), the Pixel 2 XL for $749 ($100 off), and several other Home and Chromecast deals.

Here's everything on the Google Store that is currently discounted, consolidated into an easier-to-read bulleted list:

However, the Google Store isn't the only retailer offering discounts on Google products. Target and Best Buy have many of the same deals. In fact, both of those retailers are offering the Chromecast Ultra for $49, $5 less than Google's sale price. Additionally, if you were interested in the Chromecast Ultra, Best Buy will sell you a CC Ultra with a super-thin Rocketfish HDTV antenna for $69.98.

The Google Store deals expire on July 17th at 11:59pm PT, and we'd expect the same end date for Target and Best Buy as well.