Pixel Duds Buds are still around, which is a shame because they're just not very good. The dozens of consumers who for whatever reason chose to purchase these Bluetooth headphones may be experiencing an issue beyond remorse: Apparently some Buds users who also use a Wear OS smartwatch have to reset and re-pair the earbuds in order to get a media connection with their phone via Bluetooth. Google is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. In the meantime, it also has a puzzling recommendation.

The Made by Google Twitter account had an exchange with a Pixel Buds user who brought up the issue on July 4th. The user explained that he pairs his Buds with his Pixel 2 XL and Wear OS watch. However, he said he has to get his Pixel 2 XL to forget the Buds, then reset and re-pair the earbuds with his phone in order to get a media Bluetooth connection.

Google acknowledged the issue and said its team is working on a fix. The @madebygoogle handle added that the user should file official feedback by opening the Google app > tapping on "Menu" > tapping on "Send feedback" and writing a comment with the phrase "Won't disconnect 22781." If you share this issue, you should probably do the same.

Later in that Twitter thread, Google said, "Pairing your Pixel Buds with a smart watch isn't recommended." One would think that pairing a set of Bluetooth earbuds with a Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch would make fine sense. But I suppose that's easier than saying, "Buying Pixel Buds isn't recommended."

Alas, if you're a Pixel Buds user experiencing this issue while pairing your earbuds with a Wear OS watch, follow the steps above and file some feedback, and maybe start your own Twitter thread with @madebygoogle.