Android P's second developer preview is making quite a few changes to the lock screen. We already discussed its display of the weather on the lock screen and ambient display, but it turns out that upcoming events are being shown on the lock screen now as well.

Google added upcoming events to the Pixel Launcher with the release of the Pixel 2, but this is the first time we're seeing it on the lock screen. Visually, it differs a bit from the Pixel Launcher implementation; the time itself is still displayed above the event name, and instead of the "in xx minutes" text, we instead get the exact time frame of when the event is scheduled to occur. You'll also note the weather on this screenshot.

So far, we've only gotten this tip from one reader, so we're not sure how widespread this test is. If you use the calendar and you're on the Android P beta, let us know if you're seeing this on your lock screen (or your ambient display).

After updating to DP3, this functionality is back, and it doesn't appear that it's going to leave. It was initially broken because an update to the Google app didn't support it, but we're not seeing a Google app update pending. It's probably here to stay.

Weather/calendar info on the lock screen had been working for some devices, but broken for others. For instance, it'd been working on Artem's Pixel 2, but not his Pixel 2 XL. Weather is now working for him, though he's still not seeing the calendar events. The behavior is rather odd, though we'd expect to see events return soon.

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  • Tim Glaraton