In-conversation read receipts are either a useful way to keep track of text-based communication or a hindrance in ignoring people, depending on who you ask. They're finally coming to Skype — but only in its Insider Preview beta build. Now when someone reads a message in either one-on-one or group conversations, their avatar will appear underneath it.

Similar features are available from plenty of Skype competitors, like Hangouts and Facebook Messenger. Because the feature is only available to Skype "Insiders," read receipts will only show up when both the sender and recipient of a message are on the Insider Preview. They also don't appear in group messages with more than 20 people.

Read receipts in Skype conversations.

Marking a message unread doesn't have any effect on its read receipts, but messages read by users in Invisible mode won't show as read. And thankfully for Skype users in the habit of ghosting people, you can opt out of read receipts altogether in the service's privacy settings.

Read receipts are available now in Skype Preview.

Skype Preview
Skype Preview
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