A few weeks back, we'd heard that Samsung might be using Wear OS for its upcoming smartwatches instead of Tizen, which it had been using for the past few generations of Gear watches. However, it was later reported that they were actually just one-offs. In the latest twist to this story, it turns out that Samsung's upcoming smartwatch, dubbed 'Galaxy Watch,' may come with Wear OS after all. It's also being rumored to have a blood pressure monitor.

This report comes from Ice universe on Twitter, who has a solid track record for leaking Samsung info. He claims that the upcoming Samsung smartwatch will be called 'Galaxy Watch.' A deviation from the Gear model name would make sense given that Samsung has historically used the Galaxy nameplate for Android devices. "New UX interaction" is on board, which isn't surprising given the company's first use of Android Wear / Wear OS in years.

More interestingly, the Galaxy Watch is expected to have the ability to take blood pressure measurements, which would make it the first (actual) smartwatch to be able to do so. Samsung does have a patent for blood-pressure monitoring that doesn't involve an inflatable cuff, and that'll probably be used here. Additionally, Ice universe touts panel-level packaging (PLP) tech, which is a new manufacturing process for processors that should make them cheaper and physically smaller. That could explain the large 470mAh battery that will supposedly be crammed inside.

As for when this Galaxy Watch would debut, we're not sure. It's possible that it'll launch on August 9th alongside the Galaxy Note9 and (likely) Tab S4, but we're not sure if the watch is far enough along to warrant that. Here's hoping that we get some more details on it sooner than later.