Google's Project Fi service has always offered compelling pricing, but the phone selection was severely limited. It recently announced a handful of new devices, and two of them start shipping today. The LG G7 ThinQ and V35 ThinQ can be yours on Fi, but get ready to spend big to get them.

The G7 on Fi will run you $749 if paid all at once, but you can also pay it off over two years for $31.21 monthly. The V35 is even more expensive at $899 or $37.46 per month. These phones both have Snapdragon 845 chips, 4GB of RAM, and Android 8.0 Oreo. The G7 has 4GB of RAM and the V35 boosts memory to 6GB. The most visible difference is the 6-inch OLED panel on the V35 versus the 6.1-inch notched LCD on the G7.

Both phones will work with Fi service out of the box just like a Pixel phone. They'll hop between Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular depending on where you are. Fi service starts at $20 per month for just calls and texts, and data is $10 per GB up to 6GB (then it's un-metered up to 15GB). Note: the site still lists these phones for pre-order, but Google says they're shipping.