Smart speakers come in all shapes and sizes, but the smallest ones are basically in impulse purchase territory now. the problem: the speaker performance isn't great in devices like the Echo Dot. Today's Amazon Goldbox deal includes a neat speaker dock for the dot that adds a lot more power.

The GGMM D6 looks quite a bit like the full-sized Echo speaker. However, it has a slot at the top to add an Echo Dot. That speaker retails for $50, and sometimes much less. Amazon also gives Dots away with the purchase of certain devices. The D6 dock has power and audio out for the Dot, allowing you to get the Alexa smarts with vastly more powerful speakers. It could be a cool upgrade for any Dots you have around the house. The GGMM D6 does not come with a Dot, though.

This device usually retails for around $55-60, but the list price is $90. The current $41.85 price is about $15 less than it was yesterday. You can expect the price to go back up when the deal expires at the end of the day. It has one-day Prime shipping for subscribers, too.