The 2016 Pixel was a great little phone, and it's still a solid device in the middle of 2018. The camera is one of the best you can get, the screen is decent, and it has a headphone jack. The problem is finding a good deal on it. B&H has this phone on sale currently, and while the price is a bit higher than some other deals, these are not refurbs.

B&H has the 32GB Pixel for $329.99, and the 128GB model is $399.99. That's $320 and $450 off the original retail prices, respectively. We've seen first-gen Pixels pop up for around $100 less in recent months, but those were all refurbished devices. These are new and unused.

To recap, the 2016 Pixel launched with Android Nougat and has since been updated to Oreo. It's guaranteed system updates through later this year. That means you'll get Android P on this phone. You could buy newer phones for $300-400, but they won't get Android P as quickly, and the camera will almost certainly be worse.

Price increase

Welp, looks like B&H is spoiling everyone's good time. The price on the 32GB version of the phone has increased from $330 at the time of posting (see above) to $379.99. Bummer. The 128GB remains $399.99.