Google's Pixelbook is a far cry from those cheap Chromebooks you can pick up on impulse. It can be hard to justify the base model Pixelbook, let alone the $1,649 premium model. That version of the device is a bit cheaper today, though. If you were already looking at the Pixelbook, maybe this will convince you to step up to the best version.

The high-end Pixelbook is currently on sale for $1,499 via Amazon and ABT. This model has a Core i7 processor, 512GB of storage, and 16GB of RAM. This hardware would be plenty powerful for a workhorse Windows machine, so it really tears through Chrome OS. This device is also the first to get new Chrome OS features if you run it on the beta or dev channel.

This $150 discount isn't the best we've seen—there was a $250 off sale a few weeks back. Still, $150 off isn't bad. We're only seeing those two retailers offer this price so far, but you should be able to get others to offer a price match.