Free music seems to be making a comeback on Google Play Music. Once a relic of the past, free albums made a reappearance last week with Ariana Grande's "My Everything" and an ICON album featuring The Beach Boys. Four more ICON albums with Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers, and KISS can now be picked up for $0.00 from Play Music as well.

These ICON albums are collections of these artists' greatest hits, and each has 11-12 songs. Here are the links:

It'll be interesting to see if Google continues to release some more free music. Note that these albums aren't available in all countries, but those in the US, Germany, Uruguay, Colombia, and probably some more seem to have had success in adding them to their libraries.

It turns out that there are four more free albums from Boyz II Men, Billy Currington, Conway Twitty, and Josh Turner. Links are below.

We don't yet know why these are creeping onto Play Music piecemeal, rather than showing up all at once, but a few days since we last updated you on the latest set of ICON albums to surface as free downloads, a new group of four has arrived. Again, the selection is heavily dominated by country music (yeah, we know), but this time we at least have Selena to help balance things out a little.